Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I’m a foodie. I love to cook and I love to eat. And then I had kids. More accurately, I had one kid and two more kind of fell in my lap. Three kids with vastly different tastes and who aren’t afraid to tell me when they absolutely don’t like whatever I’m serving. Sigh.

Any mom will tell you that feeding kids is challenging on a good day. But what’s a mom to do when all three, count ‘em, THREE of your kids are sick? I’ll tell you what I’m not doing: cooking up the old standby’s.

In fact, I’m not cooking at all. We’re eating leftovers and going/ordering out. Starting with breakfast. Ever been to Mr. Deli’s on Linglestown Road? My dad used to take me there for breakfast when I was in high school so it has a special place in my heart and I was happy to share it with the next generation. We got there at a good time when there were still plenty of tables. Our waitress was super nice and brought me my coffee fast. And the portions were so big, none of us were hungry at lunch which was good because by that time, my son was showing symptoms of an ear infection.

But eventually they did get hungry and thank goodness those Celeste pizzas were ten for $10 at the grocery store because they’re two minutes in the microwave and the perfect size for seven year olds. And if you get one with vegetables on it, you can pretend it's good for you.

After an afternoon spent consoling a screaming toddler (he was even waking up screaming during his nap), taking said screaming toddler to a weekend pediatrician appointment and then hitting up Target to fill his antibiotics prescription, I wasn’t cooking or even calling out. But my baby daddy definitely got a text requesting that he bring home pizza.

Weight Watchers hates me.

Moms, what do you do about meals when the kids are sick?

Hugs and dishes,
Em Chilada

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  1. 3 kids = 3 picky eaters. 3 sick kids is even worse. Em, you are the envy of no one. But if you google "quick meals for kids" you should find a while heap of sites with helpful hints and recipes. That is, if you have time to google amongst your schedule of work and 3 kids. Google could be a mom's best friend. If only those smart Google people could find a way to invent baby sitters, extra hands, and magically appearing bottles of wine...